Dana Bernard, RN, CEO, MBA
 “Find Your Strongest Life”

Wendy coached me in identifying my strengths in November 2006. As a Registered Nurse, educator, and CEO, I always loved my work. But as I evaluated my strengths and paid attention to what was energizing me, I found myself being a “first responder” for women in the workplace. I was often called upon for advice, guidance, and training and realized there was a trend emerging. With validation and encouragement from Wendy, I jumped out of my traditional corporate job and founded a non-profit organization that provided career resources, education and guidance for women. I strongly recommend Dr. Wendy’s course “Finding a Career that Fits Your Perfectly.” Let her help you find the gift inside of you that makes your heart beat.


Retired Chino Police Chief Miles Pruitt 

“Wendy’s Advice Changed My Life”

Dr. Wendy Flint was my Principles of Management professor at Biola University and became my personal career coach. She guided and me through my journey of advancement from Police Sargent to Lieutenant, to Captain, and eventually Police Chief. I did not have the vision to achieve my goals until I received insight from Wendy. During my tenure as Police Chief I relied on the advice and leadership training that she offered to face challenging decisions. She is a gifted teacher and coach with a passion to help others find their God-given purpose. Her life serves as an inspirational example of success and practical leadership. Any message, course, or coaching session she offers is going to be worth your time and investment. It changed my life.

Dr. Mary Berst - Psychologist, Speaker

“In 10 years I was working in the Career of My Dreams”

When I met Wendy in 2003, I was working on getting my bachelors while she was working on research for her PhD. Wendy introduced me to concepts of writing a mission statement, identifying passion and purpose, and writing career goals. With her inspiration and guidance, I knew I wanted to be a fulltime counselor. I continued my education until I became feceived my PhD in Psychology in 2016. Today I work full time as a coach and counselor and I love using my strengths, gifts, and talents every day. As my personal coach and friend, Wendy had the wisdom and insight to guide me through major life decisions.

Sherry Malunat, Spirit, Mind, and Body Coaching

“Career at Hewlett-Packard”

I met Wendy when she worked in the training department at Hewlett-Packard. At the time I was trying to advance my career within the company. After several applications I was about to give up. That’s when Wendy asked to look at my resume and cover letter. She helped me with just the right wording, format, and perfect description of my passion and skills. I got the job and advanced to two other careers in the company until retirement. I highly recommend you allow Wendy to coach you through the tips and tricks she has learned over the years on how to apply for the career you are seeking.